And the winner is...

Date October 16, 2014 Author Alexia Jensen


David Baskeyfield wins the 2014 CIOC!

The Canadian International Organ Competition congratulates David Baskeyfield (United-Kingdom), grand prize winner of the 2014 CIOC!

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The final round of the Competition took place at Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal on October 17: 5 finalists battled it out at the organ in a one-hour recital. Congratulations to all 5 finalists: they gave breathtaking recitals.

All recitals can be watched here on the the CBC Music website.
The Final Round was recoreded by ICI Musique. Highlights were nationally broadcast on Thursday, October 23rd at 8 p.m. as part of Le Printemps des musiciens, hosted by Françoise Davoine.


Other Prizes

2nd Prize

 Andrew Dewar, United Kingdom
Watch his performance

3rd Prize

Daria Burlak, Russie
Watch her performance


Royal College of Canadian Organist Prize*, Richard-Bradshaw Audience Prize

David Baskeyfield, United Kingdom
Watch his performance


Bach Prize

Andrew Dewar, United Kingdom
Watch his performance

* Prize given for the best performance of a work by a Canadian composer during the second or final round of the Canadian International Organ Competition 2014.