David Baskeyfield reveals all

Date January 5, 2015 Author Alexia Jensen Categories Interviews

David Baskeyfield, grand winner of the 2014 CIOC Competition, wowed CIOC jury members and the public and won the First Prize as well as the Richard-Bradshaw Audience Prize and the Royal College of Canadian Organists Prize (for the best interpretation of a Canadian piece), picking up a total of $40 000 and, among other things, a recording with ATMA Classique.

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Two and a half months after his victory, the CIOC talks to David and discusses his October win, organist fashion and more.

CIOC: Congratulations on winning the CIOC!
David Baskeyfield: Thank you!

CIOC: How did you celebrate the win?
DB: The night after the final went pretty late (possibly inevitably as it was almost midnight by the time we got to the reception) and I’m pretty sure it was light when we got to bed. After the dust had settled and I was back in Rochester, enjoyed an evening at the local with some friends.

CIOC: What does this change for you?
DB: It’s quite a confidence booster. After a couple of years on the road a lot after St Albans, I hadn’t been playing a huge amount last year in order to finish up the final tedious parts of the degree at Eastman (writing, exams) before my student visa expired, so it was great to give myself a substantial playing task to jump back into it, this time not as a student. I did enter CIOC last time [2011] and, honestly, played pretty horribly after a summer doing two other competitions. I was quite properly ejected early on that time, so I’m happy to have made a better showing this time.

CIOC: What is your favorite memory of the 2014 CIOC (besides winning!)?
DB: Several: getting to know some of the other competitors; listening to everyone and hearing a huge variation in playing styles, (including the judges’ recitals as well as the other competitors’ programmes); getting to know Montreal better; getting out of Rochester; the cat café off Rue Sherbrooke; poutine and beer with the rest of the English contingent (Richard and Andy). My partner also surprised me by driving up from Rochester (not a short trip) to hear the final round, which was very sweet.

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CIOC: Those were some pretty fancy red socks you had on for the Gala Concert. Do you pick out footwear carefully before a concert, now that most organ concerts are broadcast live on big screen?


To be continued: Second part of David Baskeyfield's interview