Share the Excitement with the CIOC!

Date August 3, 2015 Author Alexia Jensen

This year, the CIOC wants to share the excitement with the wolrd! Participate for the chance to win Sennheiser HD 349 valued at 150 $.

The CIOC wants to your #CIOC2015 selfies (and other pictures!):

1 - Take pictures of the CIOC events and organ related events
2 - Put them on your Facebook and/or Twitter account
3 - In your message, use #CIOC2015 and tag the Canadian International Organ Competition *

The CIOC will randomly pick of picture out of all the ones that are posted on social media. The draw will take place on October 26: the more pictures you take, the higher your chance to win!

Good luck! ;)
Facebook: Concours international d'orgue du Canada
Twitter: @CIOCM

* If your privacy settings are set too high, the CIOC will not be able to see the pictures you post and will not be able to count them in our draw "Share the Excitement". You can however send us your pics:

How do you tag the Canadian Internatonal Organ Competiton on Facebook?
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Annual CIOC Festival: October 4 to 25, 2015

Check out the full CIOC line-up of events for our annual Festival. Exciting guests, great opportunities to get up close and personal with the King of instruments: our full schedule is here.

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