Journées de la culture: a public organ, part 2

Date September 28, 2015 Author Alexia Jensen

Saturday, september 26th, the sun was out for a beautiful day on Mont-Royal. A great number of people were walking up and down the Avenue, stopping curiously in front of the Jeunesses Musicales to listen and observe the organ built by Denis Juget, and exposed publicly for everyone to try.

After tuning the instrument before the eyes of the spectators, Denis told us his story on how he became an organbuilder and explained what was his job. By the way, this public organ took him 14,500 hours to make it! See below the video made by François Bérubé, also available on his Youtube page here!



12:00 pm. Under a wave of applause, Jonathan Vromet, started his recitals for 30 minutes before letting kids and grown-ups play the organ all day-long. Jonathan Vromet participated in the 2014 CIOC competition, and was representing Canada. Read more about Jonathan.

The public organ at the Journées de la culture was a great success and it marks the beginning of the CIOC 2015 Festival, sarting this Sunday, october 4th at the Grand Séminaire de Montréal, with a recital of Yves-G. Préfontaine. The Festival will take place until october 25th and offers various events and concerts in the heart of Montreal. Among the different activities, there is the Gala Concert in tribute to Mr. Noël Spinelli, at Notre-Dame Basilica, various recitals, organ crawl and masterclass in churches and locations downtown.

The 2015 CIOC Festival is offering you an exciting program!