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Fill in the addresses and contact numbers below for CIOC correspondence between Jan 30, 2017 and Oct 30, 2017

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Please supply contact information for two teachers or musicians of high standing who are sending letters of recommendation to the CIOC.

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The following items must accompany this Application Form. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

a. A curriculum vitae in French or English (maximum 2 pages) that outlines the candidate’s training, names of principal professors, prizes and awards (with proof) and current professional status, this can be submitted below or emailed to

b. A brief biography in French or English (maximum 150 words), this can be submitted below or emailed to

c. An audio recording (CD) that is clearly labelled with the candidate’s family name and first name, date, and place of recording and that is accompanied by a note listing the composition of the instrument(s) used in the recording. The preliminary selection of candidates will be a completely anonymous process.

There should be no spoken comments or any other means of identification on the CD. The CD should include only the specified program which must be complete performances of the works without any editing. Your CD should be either mailed to the address at the top of the page or emailed through WeTransfer (at, the simplest way to send your files around the world.

Need help using WeTransfer? This Cheat Sheet will help. You can also call us or email us.

d. A witness signature (member of a professional body, member of the clergy, or a municipal official) on the application form attesting that the CD is truly the candidate’s work and has not been edited. This should be mailed to the address at the top of the page along with your CD.

e. Two letters of recommendation in French or English from a former or current professor or professional musician (these can be sent directly by email from the referee to or uploaded below);

f. A photocopy of a valid passport. Email this file to

g. TWO colour photos and at least ONE black and white photo (preferably two different photos). These photos must be sent by email in jpeg format (minimum resolution 300 dpi), together with the confirmation of registration referred to in item 3 i. of this document. (BMP and Tiff versions are also acceptable). The photographs, which will be used in CIOC communications, must be free of copyright restrictions. Email these files to

h. Payment of registration fees or documented proof of payment;

i. To avoid problems linked to postal system delays, the candidate must alert the CIOC, by email, indicating the date on which the file was sent.

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Upload your first letter of recommendation
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Upload your second letter of recommendation
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By submitting this application, I agree:

  • To respect the rules and regulations as described on the CIOC website
  • To be available to compete during the dates and times stipulated in the rules of the CIOC
  • That all information provided in this Application Form and in supporting documents is true
  • To accept all rulings of the Juries appointed
  • To accept any prizes as awarded and honour further engagements arising from such prizes made by the CIOC on my behalf
  • To waive any right to claim fees or royalties for any video, recording, or future performances made during the CIOC 2017



January 30
Deadline for submitting applications (registration + CD)

April 15
Announcement of competitors selected for CIOC 2017

May 1
Deadline for competitors to confirm their participation

June 30
Deadline for competitors to provide the CIOC with:

  • a complete programme for the three competition rounds
  • proof of having obtained a visa for Canada (if necessary)

October 2-3
Arrival of all the competitors in Montreal

October  10
1st Round begins

October 19
Final Round

October 21 
Closing Gala Concert and Awards Ceremony

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