An ARTS.FILM series with Les Rugissants and Jean-Willy Kunz

CIOC Newsletter (November 16, 2021)


ARTS.FILM inaugurates a series collection dedicated to the Montreal vocal ensemble Les Rugissants.

The ARCHES series, powered by Montreal vocal ensemble Les Rugissants, combines music and architectural heritage. It takes place in sites of notable architecture or of historical importance, both secular and sacred. In this first series of traveling videos produced by … [more]

Our Featured Organist – Renald Tremblay!

CIOC Newsletter (September 28, 2021)

An Interview with Renald Tremblay

Read our interview with Renald Tremblay below & scroll down to see how you can be our next featured organist!

What is your first memory of the organ? As a Catholic, it was in a church that I discovered the organ. My father sang in the choir and I attended masses in the balcony, the organist’s playing fascinated me.

Later, after short piano studies at … [more]